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MAST offers various free activities for the visitor to discover science and the progress of technology and innovation: exhibitions, observations of the sky using telescopes, guided visits, the library, talks and debates, films, workshops, courses, laboratories, scientific games, an inflatable planetarium, a theater, a research room, and specific activities for groups of students. The public can participate in educational activities, including in the pavilions which houses the old refracting telescopes to observe the sky and discover an important collection of scientific instruments used to measure the sky, the earth, time, and even to predict tides.

During the week there are scheduled school visits for students of all ages, the exhibitions are opened to the public in general, and visitors can enjoy the library, which holds thousands of book, journals, DVDs, and information about science and technology, the history of science, and science museums. Only researchers have access to the archival collection, where text, iconographic, and audiovisual documents can be consulted about scientists and scientific institutions.

On Wednesday and Saturday nights, MAST also offers visitors the most traditional of its activities: sky observation using both the old refracting telescopes and the modern ones. Saturday in MAST begins at 2 pm, while from 3 pm onwards there are activities for children, young people, and adults.

On Sundays in MAST, in addition to the guided visit which allows visitors to discover the architectural complex constructed for research in astronomy and the scaled solar system, the exhibitions are open and there are various educational activities.

Consult the monthly program, because there are always novelties.



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