Coordination of Science Education

The Coordination of Science Education (CED) concentrates on research in the areas of science education in non-formal spaces and the dissemination of science and technology, working with two areas of investigation: scientific dissemination, education, and assessment; and scientific culture, communication, and cognition. The research results are published in books and Brazilian and foreign periodicals; presented in scientific events, especially in the areas of education, the teaching of science, and museology; and orient the conception and preparation of exhibitions, with the other scientific dissemination activities carried out by MAST.

In particular, research projects have the following objectives: obtain information about the visiting public and the forms of interaction and mediation which occur in science museums and research centers; assess results and develop pedagogical models for the dissemination of science; examine possibilities for the use of museological collections in science education; investigate teacher training mechanisms in science museums, as a pedagogical tool and as the agent that produces motivation for the study of science.

The results of the research provide technical and practical assistance for the strengthening of the museum – school relationship and for the development of new strategies for the dissemination of science, as well as contributing to consolidating forums of debates about non-formal spaces of education.

The recently created Laboratory of Innovation in Educational Resources (Laboratório de Inovação de Recursos Educacionais – LIRE) has the aim of designing, producing, and testing prototypes for new pedagogical materials, such as games, films, multimedia, kits of experiences, apparatus for exhibitions, and activities developed in science museums, as well as allowing the organization of a network of similar research groups throughout the country.

CED’s team consists of researchers and collaborators. It has intense exchanges with research groups in Brazilian and foreign institutions which work with science education and the dissemination of science, technology, and innovation.



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