Coordination of Museology

The Coordination of Museology (CMU) carries out research in the field of museology and studies about the scientific and technological heritage of Brazil, whose results guide actions aimed at the valorization of this heritage; the conception, preparation, and mounting of exhibitions; the holding of scientific events; and personal training.

The research projects arise out of the challenges faced during the activities involved in the preservation of the museological and architectural collections, both preserved by the Institute of Historic and National Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) and the State Institute of Cultural Heritage (INEPAC). Studies are also carried out under the auspices of the Post-Graduate Program in Museology and Heritage (PPG-PMUS), a partnership with Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO/MAST), which offers master’s and doctoral courses.

The museological collection includes more than two thousand objects, in which the rich set of scientific instruments coming from the National Observatory are of special importance. This collection was expanded with sets of objects from other MCTI research institutes. It is guided by the Collective Acquisition and Disposal Policy.

Included in the architectural collection are sixteen buildings of historical value located in the campus of the National Observatory/MAST, amongst which are the pavilions which house the hundred-year-old refracting telescopes and the main building.

The Laboratory of Conservation of Metallic Objects (Laboratório de Conservação de Objetos Metálicos - LAMET) is responsible for the conservation and restoration of objects from the collection, which allows the development of applied research projects in the area. LAMET is also a privileged space for holding MAST’s practical post-graduate courses.

Researchers, specialized technicians, and collaborators are also part of the CMU team, which has exchanges with similar foreign institutions due to the precursory nature of the activities developed.



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