The MAST Library is a reference in the History of Science in Brazil

Responsible for a collection with more than 27,000 titles, the MAST library is a national reference for the History of Science. It is housed in a building with three floors, opened in November 2015, and a total area of 1200 m². The library is open to the public and can be visited from Monday – Friday, from 9 am – 5 pm.

On the first two floor are the consultation rooms, which have multimedia spaces, and the bibliographic collection, formed of books, pamphlets, theses, and reference works, amongst other publications. The third houses three classrooms, a teacher's room, a student room, and the secretariat of the Post-Graduate Program in the Preservation of Science and Technology Collections (PPACT – MAST/UniRio).

The library also offers an area for digital inclusion projects. This allows actions to be carried out which attract the public from the environs of the Museum, whether they are students, residents, or professionals who work in the neighborhood. One of the objectives is to provide a greater integration between MAST`s exhibitions and the use of tools available on the internet.

One of the most important part of the Library's holdings is the collection of the Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC), with 5568 books, 2167 works and reference journals, 2973 academic works, 1751 pamphlets, and 386 rare or special works. "It is a fantastic collection, which tells much about how science developed in Brazil," says Eloísa Helena de Almeida, head of the Library and Scientific Information Service of MAST.

The Library is specialized in the History of Science, Astronomy, Education, Scientific Dissemination, Museology, Preservation, and Science and Technology Heritage.

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