Coordination of Documentation and Archives

The Coordination of Documentation and Archives (CDA) carries out research in the field of archivology and the preventive conservation of science and technology related documents. Its research contributes to improving actions related to the organization, preservation, and dissemination of the archive collection, as well as to the conservation of the bibliographic archive. Furthermore, the research stimulates the development of new techniques applied to S&T collections and the training of personal specialized in the area.

The archival collection, called the History of Science Archive, includes archives of Brazilian scientific institutions, personal archives of scientists, engineers, technologists, and administrators, whose professional trajectories were associated with teaching, institutionalization, or the production of science and technology. The collection is enlarged in conformity with the archive acquisition and disposal policy, which governs the acceptance of new archives and collections.

Books, pamphlets, periodicals, theses, videos, CDs, DVDs, amongst other items, form the bibliographic archive, which deals with the areas of history of science and technology, education, and the dissemination of science, museology, and cultural heritage.

The Laboratory of Paper Conservation and Restoration (Laboratório de Conservação e Restauração de Papel - LAPEL) is responsible for the conservation and restoration of archival and bibliographic collections, leading to applied research in the area. MAST’s practical classes for post-graduate courses are taught in LAPEL.

Researchers, specialized technicians, and collaborators form the CDA team, which has an intense exchange with counterpart Brazilian and foreign institutions and collaborates with other MCTI research institutes, to orientate the preservation of science and technology collections.



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